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COLLECTIONS Presentimientos


            UNIQUE WALL ART


Presentimientos 1: Tropical Rights

This series of work was undertaken in 2007 during a visit to Bahia in Brazil. I came away from that trip with a sense  of something portentous  - it persisted and I have learnt to trust my instincts. 'Tropical Rights' represents an increasing topic of concern with more and more rain forest disappearing and of course what the repercussions are.


Presentimientos 2:The Unsheltering Sky

How many people have now looked at the sky with apprehension ;whether it be the lack of rainfall or deluges of proportions that devastate lives, tornadoes or filled with smoke and flames.


Presentimientos - No Resting Place

This image relates to the fragility of the earth - where we may be safe and where we may be not safe. The movements of people is drastic and for much of the time we are reluctant to give our fellow humans shelter when most needed.


Presentimientos - On The Cusp

We are literally on the cusp of possible extinction and rising waters is just one aspect of the problems that we have made for ourselves this image was taken originally on the banks of the river in Caraiva which only recently was inundated as a result of climate change .


Presentimientos - Primordial Beginings

We emerged from the water as living entities billions of years ago and we may return to our birthplace but not in billions of years, but much more imminently - this knowledge haunts my stomach still.


Presentimiento - Mangrove Reflex

The extraordinary and beautiful mangrove swamps - how perfectly they have grown to provide habitat,contain rivers and preserve coastlines - thousands of miles have been ripped out due to 'development' but finally their usefulness is being recognised and in parts they are being replaced.


Presentimientos - Volcanic Toll

This image has many meanings for me. Not least of which is the overwhelming sense that although we are cogniscent of our mistakes, we still turn our backs and clap our hands over our ears in the face of incontrovertible evidence that we are destroying the planet earth at an alarming rate.


Presentimientos - Canoe in The Water

Finally, the canoe, which in someways I hope represents hope - a serene sight on the side of  the river - a mode of transport that took nothing from the land but worked in harmony with it. The intention was to invest it with a little magic and respect for the human that made this.

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